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MyOpinions Australia Review

MyOpinions is good paid survey site for Australians, anyone over the age of 14 from Australia can join MyOpinions.

At MyOpinions you will earn points for doing surveys,

 You are also rewarded for loyalty at MyOpinions based on how many survey points you have already earned, once you have earned 10,000 points you will receive a weekly bonus of 7.5% on all surveys completed.

Rewards at MyOpinions include PayPal and e-Giftcards.

e-Giftcards can be used at Coles, Woolworth’s, Domino’s and many other places and are delivered instantly!

Fast Facts

Rewards Options: PayPal, Gift Pay

Minimum Cash Out: 1000 Points = $10

Bonuses: Regular Sweepstakes, Loyalty Bonus

Join My Opinions

Get Paid For Your Opinions at MyOpinions Australia

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