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Mint Vine Canada Review

Mint Vine Canada is a good panel where its easy to earn cash through surveys and offers.

You can also earn even more by downloading a small piece of software for mint roll surveys which are higher paid and based on how you use the internet, this software is entirely optional.

There are still many survey opportunites at Mint Vine if you choose not to download the mint roll software.

Surveys on average pay between 150 and 300 points and screen outs are reward with 5 points.

You can also make money with mintvine by referring your friends, which pays a very nice 15% of their earnings, plus a bonus 50 points when they complete their first survey!

Once you have reached 1000 points = $10 you can request a cash out. Mint Vine pays through Paypal, Dwolla or Amazon.

Mint Vine is currently offering a 200 point joining bonus if you join now!

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