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Screenwise Panel India

Download the Screenwise App and you will be rewarded for just using your phone.

 You Will be rewarded with Rs 300 for downloading the app then you will be rewarded with up to Rs. 200 per month just for keeping the app installed and active on your device.

The best part is, the rewards increase each month. So, the longer you keep the app installed the more you’ll earn.

You get :

Rs. 300 when you download and turn on the Screenwise Panel app

Rs. 100 per month you are active

PLUS a bonus each month you are active starting at Rs. 10 in month 1, Rs. 20 in month 2 and so on until you are getting Rs. 200 every month for just having the app run.

You can exchange your reward credit for over 100 rewards including vouchers and gift cards from top brands such as Flipkart, and many more.

As long as your meter is on for at least half the month you’ll be eligible for that month’s reward.

Download The Screenwise Panel App

Downlaod Screewise Media App India and earn Rewards