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Big List of Paid Online Survey Sites

Paid Online Survey Site

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Give your opinion at Gfk MediaView and win great prizes United Kingdom: Join GFK MediaView United Kingdom: GFK MediaView Review Prize Draws
Join GlobalTestMarket Argentina: Join GlobalTestMarket
Australia: Join GlobalTestMarket
Austria: Join GlobalTestMarket
Brazil: Join GlobalTestMarket
Canada: Join GlobalTestMarket
China: Join GlobalTestMarket
Colombia: Join GlobalTestMarket
Germany: Join GlobalTestMarket
Hong Kong: Join GlobalTestMarket
Japan: Join GlobalTestMarket
Malaysia: Join GlobalTestMarket
Mexico : Join GlobalTestMarket
Netherlands: Join GlobalTestMarket
Russia: Join GlobalTestMarket
Singapore: Join GlobalTestMarket
Sweden: Join GlobalTestMarket
Switzerland: Join GlobalTestMarket
Taiwan: Join GlobalTestMarket
Thailand: Join GlobalTestMarket
United Kingdom: Join GlobalTestMarket
United States: Join GlobalTestMarket
Argentina: GlobalTestMarket Review
Australia: GlobalTestMarket Review
Austria: Review Coming Soon
Brazil: GlobalTestMarket Review
Canada: GlobalTestMarket Review
China: GlobalTestMarket Review
Germany: GlobalTestMarket Review
Hong Kong: GlobalTestMarket Review
Japan: Review Coming Soon
Malaysia: GlobalTestMarket Review
Mexico: GlobalTestMarket Review
Netherlands: GlobalTestMarket Review
Russia: Review Coming Soon
Singapore: GlobalTestMarket Review
Sweden: Review Coming Soon
Switzerland: Review Coming Soon
Taiwan: GlobalTestMarket Review
Thailand: GlobalTestMarket Review
United Kindom: GlobalTestMarket Review
United States: GlobalTestMarket Review
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Complete Surveys at Harris Poll Online Canada: Join Harris Poll Online
United States: Join Harris Poll Online
Canada: Harris Poll Online Review
United States: Harris Poll Online Review
Amazon, itunes, Gift Vouchers
Earn points for scanning your shopping at Nielsen HomeScan Consumer Panel Australia: Join Homescan
Finland: Join Homescan
Hong Kong: Join Homescan
South Korea: Join Homescan
Australia: Homescan Review
Finland: Homescan Review
Hong Kong: Homescan Review
South Korea: Homescan Review
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Irish Opinions Ireland: Join Irish Opinions Ireland: Irish Opinions Review Gift Cards
Earn Money with Ipsos i-Say Surveys Canada: Join iPsos i-Say
Netherlands: Join iPsos i-Say
Norway: Join iPsos i-Say
Sweden: Join iPsos i-Say
United Kingdom: Join iPsos i-Say
United States: Join iPsos i-Say
Canada: iPsos i-Say Review
Netherlands: iPsos i-Say Review
Norway: iPsos i-Say Review
Sweden:Ipsos i-Say Review
United Kingdom: iPsos i-Say Review
Unted States: iPsos i-Say Review
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Join LiveTribe for Online Surveys and be reward with gift vouchers Australia: Join LiveTribe Australia: LiveTribe Review Gift Cards, PayPal
Join MeinungsWelt Germany: Join MeinungsWelt Germany: MeinungsWelt Review Amazon, Gift Cards, PayPal
Join MielipideMaailma Finland: Join Mielipidemaailma Finland: Mielipidemaailma Review Amazon, Gift Cards, PayPal
Earn Rewards for Completing Surveys at MintVine Canada: Join MintVine
United Kingdom: Join MintVine
United States: Join MintVine
Canada: MintVine Review
United Kingdom: MintVine Review
United States: MintVine Review
Paypal, Dwolla or Amazon
Earn Cash Rewards doing Online Surveys with MyOpinions Australia: Join MyOpinions Australia: MyOpinions Review PayPal, Giftcards
Earn money from surveys at MySoapBox United States: Join Here United States: MySoapBox Review Amazon, Gift Cards
MySurvey - Online Surveys for Making Money Australia: Join MySurvey
Canada: Join MySurvey
South Korea: Join MySurvey
United Kingdom: Join MySurvey
United States: Join MySurvey
Australia: MySurvey Review
Canada: MySurvey Review
South Korea: MySurvey Review
United Kingdom: MySurvey Review
United States: MySurvey Review
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Myview Australia: Join Myview Australia: MyView Review Gift Cards
Earn Rewards with Nielsen Netratings United Kingdom: Join Nielsen//NetRatings United Kingdom: Nielsen//Net Ratings Review Prize Draws
Earn Money for Surfing the web at Nielsen Digital Voice Germany: Join Nielsen Digital Voice
United States: Join Nielsen Digital Voice
Germany: Nielsen Digital Voice Review
United States: Nielsen Digital Voice Review
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Earn Money with Your Mobile Phone With Nielsen Mobile Panel Australia: Join Nielsen Mobile
Hong Kong: Join Nielsen Mobile
Australia: Nielsen Mobile Panel Review
Hong Kong: Nielsen Mobile Review
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Opinionbus.HK Hong Kong: Join Opinionbus.HK Hong Kong: Opinionbus.HK Review Gift Cards
Get Paid with PayPal for Completing Surveys at OpinionPLUS Canada: Join OpinionPLUS
Germany: Join OpinionPLUS
Canada: OpinionPLUS Review
Germany: OpinionPLUS Review
Earn PayPal cash with OpinionWorld Austria: Join OpinionWorld
Australia: Join OpinionWorld
Belgium: Join OpinionWorld
Korea: Join OpinionWorld
New Zealand: Join OpinionWorld
Singapore: Join OpinionWorld
Austria: Review Coming Soon
Australia: OpinionWorld Review
Belgium: Review Coming Soon
Korea: OpinionWorld Review
New Zealand: OpinionWorld Review
Singapore: OpinionWorld Review
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Join PaidViewpoint and earn survey referal cash Worldwide: Join PaidViewpoint Worldwide: PaidViewpoint Review Paypal
Compete Surveys and earn money with United Kingdom: Join United Kingdom: Review Paypal
Earn PayPal Cash with PineCone Research Canada: Join PineCone Research
Germany: Join PineCone Research
United Kingdom: Join PineCone Research (18-34 Only)
United States: Join PineCone Research
Canada: PineCone Research Review
Germany: PineCone Research Review
United Kingdom: PineCone Research Review
United States: Pinecone Research Review
Join Pureprofile and be rewarded with cash Australia: Join Pureprofile
New Zealand: Join Pureprofile
United Kingdom: Join Pureprofile
United States: Join Pureprofile
Australia: Pureprofile Review
New Zealand: Review Coming Soon
United Kingdom: Pureprofile Review
United States: Review Coming Soon
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Make Money with your mobile with Quick Thoughts Australia: Join Quick Thoughts Australia: QuickThoughts Review Gift Cards
Earn cash from completing surveys, shopping and much more at RewardsCentral Australia: Join RewardsCentral Australia: RewardsCentral Review Gift Cards, Bank Deposit
Earn Cash for downloading an app your phone Korea: Join Screenwise Panel Korea: Review Coming Soon Gift Cards
Complete online surveys for cash and vouchers at spiderMetrix Worldwide: Join spiderMetrix Worldwide: spiderMetrix Review Amazon, PayPal
Earn Cash for Completing Surveys at SurveySavvy United Kingdom: Join SurveySavvy
United States: Join SurveySavvy
United Kingdom: Review Coming Soon
United States: SurveySavvy Review
Earn Money by downloading a app to your computer United Kingdom: Join SurveySavvyConnect
United States: Join SurveySavvyConnect
United Kingdom: Review Coming Soon
United States: Review Coming
Join TellWut and earn rewards for completing surveys Canada: Join Tellwut
United States: Join Tellwut
Canada: Tellwut Review
United States: Tellwut Review
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Earn Rewards for Filling Online Surveys at The Panel Station Australia: Join The Panel Station Australia: The Panel Station Review Gift Cards, Papal
Take surveys and earn rewards at Toluna Australia: Join Toluna
Canada: Join Toluna
Denmark: Join Toluna
Finland: Join Toluna
Hong Kong: Join Toluna
Korea: Join Toluna
Malaysia: Join Toluna
Netherlands: Join Toluna
New Zealand: Join Toluna
Norway: Join Toluna
Singapore: Join Toluna Singapore
Sweden: Join Toluna
Thailand: Join Toluna
United Kingdom: Join Toluna
United States: Join Toluna
Australia: Toluna Review
Canada: Toluna Review
Denmark: Review Coming Soon
Finland: Toluna Review
Hong Kong: Toluna Review
Korea: Toluna Review
Malaysia: Toluna Review
Netherlands: Toluna Review
New Zealand: Toluna Review
Norway: Review Coming Soon
Sweden: Review Coming Soon
Singapore: Toluna Review
Thailand: Toluna Review
United Kingdom: Toluna Review
United States: Toluna Review
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Complete Surveys at Univox Community and earn great rewards Australia: Join Univox Community
Canada: Join Univox Community
United Kingdom: Join Univox Community
United States: Join Univox Community
Australia: Univox Review
Canada: Univox Community
United Kingdom: Review Coming Soon
United States: Univox Review
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Complete Surveys at Valued Opinions and be rewarded with gift cards Australia: Join Valued Opinions
China: Join Valued Opinions
Germany: Join Valued Opinions
New Zealand: Join Valued Opinions
Australia: Valued Opinions Review
China: Valued Opinions Review
Germany: Valued Opinions Review
New Zealand: Valued Opinions Review
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VIP Voice Canada: Join VIP Voice
United States: Join VIP Voice
Canada: VIP Voice Review
United States: VIP Voice Review
Prize Draws
Web Perspectives Web Perspectives Canada Web Perspectives Canada Gift Cards
Xcel-Online Surveys India: Join Xcel-Online Surveys India: Xcel-Online Surveys Review Gift Cards
YouGov Australia: Join YouGov
United States: Join YouGov
Australia: YouGov Review
United States: YouGov Review
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