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New Zealand Paid Survey Sites

We have a good list of Survey Sites for New Zealand if you know any other good New Zealand Online Survey Sites leave a comment below.

New Zealand Online Paid Survey Sites

Opinion World New Zealand

Opinion World New Zealand is a good survey site with regular surveys. Rewards start at 470 points for a $10 JB Hi Fi voucher or WOW HD Voucher or you can wait to reach 500 points for $10 PayPal. You also get the chance to donate to charity at the end of each successfully completed, if you are screened out you will get an entry into the regular cash prize draw where someone will win a great cash prize! Read More…

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Earn PayPal Cash With Opinion World New Zealand

Homescan Consumer Panel New Zealand

 By joining the Homescan Consumer Panel NZ, you will have the ability to influence the products you see on store shelves when you go shopping. You we’ll be send a hand-held scanner designed to read bar codes on items that you buy. It only takes a few minutes to scan before putting your purchases away. Then once a week the scanner transmits your purchase data to the Home Scan Consumer Panel New Zealand. Read More…

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Scan, Collect and Redeem at Homescan Consumer Panel New Zealand

Smile City

 Smile City is New Zealand’s #1 Loyalty Program. With Smile city you earn money from doing surveys completing offers, online shopping and more. Surveys pay between 10-400 points, quick surveys pay 3 points, web clicks pay 2 points, and you will earn 5 points for each advertiser email you click on, referring a friend will earn you 200 points, their is also the guessing game which is a fun game where you pick some random numbers once a week and you can win up to 105,000 points, even when you do shopping at smile city you will earn points. Smile City offers instant redemptions at only 1100 points = $10 for gift cards or save up to 3,300 points for $30 cash out into your bank account. Read More…

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 Join Smile City NZ and be rewarded

Toluna New Zealand

 Toluna is a fun community of people all over the world including New Zealand. Points are earned for just signing up, plus you can get 500 points for each friend you refer. You will also earn 100 points for each profile survey you complete and of course you will earn points for each survey you complete, with most surveys paying between 15 and 20,000 points. You can also earn points every time you answer a sponsored polls, sponsored polls are only one question and earn 15 points. Read More…

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 Be rewarded at Toluna New Zealand

Valued Opinions New Zealand

 Valued Opinions New Zealand is a good survey site where you only need to earn $10 in your account to start redeeming. Once you have reached $10 in your account you can redeem for gift cards from some of New Zealand’s leading brands like Farmers, WOW HD, Mighty Ape, Subway, Rebel, Hoyts and JB Hi Fi. What are like about Valued Opinions New Zealand is there is no confusing points system you are told exactly how much you will earn from each survey. Most surveys at Valued Opinions New Zealand pay between $2-$5. Read More…

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 Take Online Surveys with Valued Opinions New Zealand

GlobalTestMarket New Zealand

GlobalTestMarket is a survey panel open to many countries including New Zealand. Most surveys pay 35 points = $1.60 and take about 10-15 minutes to complete, some surveys pay even more its not uncommon to do a survey paying 60 points. Although some may say $50 is high for cash out it doesn’t take long to get their, often you can do 2 or 3 surveys in a row. Read More…

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Voice your opinion and get paid at GlobalTestMarket

Your Voice New Zealand

 Your Voice New Zealand is a good survey site for New Zealanders with most surveys taking between 10 to 20 minutes, generally the longer the survey the more points you will earn. If you get screened out or a quota full message you will receive an entry to the regular cash prize draw. With Your Voice New Zealand their is many reward options starting at 50 points for Amazon, 100 points will get you a $10 a JB Hi Fi Voucher or a $10 Mighty voucher their are also many more reward choices including PayPal and Read More

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My Opinions New Zealand

 My Opinions New Zealand would be the number one Paid Survey Site for New Zealand. With My Opinions New Zealand its easy to earn points, Points are earned from completing surveys and playing the instant win game. Once you have earned 2000 points you can redeem $20 through PayPal or if you prefer once you have 1000 points = $10 you can request a Flexi egift card which will be emailed to you instantly! Read More…

Join My Opinions New Zealand

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