GFK Digital Trends

The GFK Digital Trends panel is a good site for those who don’t wish to fill out surveys, but would like to make a few dollars online.

All you have to do is install a software and/or an app the measurement is done automatically. So, you can normally continue browsing the internet as usual and receive e-vouchers for that!

By installing GfK’s Internet Monitor software and by keeping it active for 30 days you will receive a £10 e-voucher! The best is, that on top of that you will receive a £5 loyalty incentive every three months if you are active for at least one day each month!

You are reward with E-Vouchers which can be used at online stores such as Amazon, iTunes, Argos, M&S and John Lewis.

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  1. I had remain app active for 1 month and also received the incentives for same, but could you please advise whether it’s incentives programme continuous for furture also or limited to 1st month only.

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