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US Paid Survey Sites Page 2

US Online Paid Surveys Page 2


 I like PaidViewpoint as you will qualify for every survey you are invited to you can also refer friends to make more money. Surveys at PaidViewpoint are short normally only 5 minutes long. You only need to earn $15 to be able to get paid into your PayPal account. Read More…

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Make money with PaidViewpoint

Pinecone Research

 Pinecone Research is a well sought after elite survey site which is opens sign ups for new members a few times a year and is currently accepting new members, I suggest you sign up now because I don’t know when the next intake will be. Members of Pinecone Research receive $3 for each completed survey. Pinecone Research pays your rewards into your PayPal account. With Pinecone Research you may be also selected to do a product evaluation in your home as well as surveys. After signing up to Pinecone Research you will receive a survey, its important to do this survey as if you don’t you will not become a member of Pinecone Research. Read More…

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Pinecone Research Sign up link now available, Earn $3 for each survey

Springboard America

Once you join Springboard you will receive invitations to surveys which you will earn survey dollars and help shape Americas future. Most surveys at Springboard America will pay you between $0.50 and $5. Once you have reached $50 you can redeem Survey Dollars for an Amazon gift e-card, check, PayPal or make a donation to charity. Read More…

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Join Springboard America now and get rewarded for your opinions


 SurveySavvy is a good Paid Online Survey Site as you only need to earn $1 to cash out. SurveySavvy US members can make a extra $60 by installing digital tracking on your internet connected devices. Also SurveySavvy Select members payment requests are expedited with a one week turnaround versus the regular 4-12 week processing time. Read More…

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 Complete surveys with SurveySavvy and earn rewards


Tellwut is good survey site with frequent surveys with numerous ways of making money, just by joining you will receive 100 points and another 100 points for filling in your profile. Surveys pay from 5 – 15 points but are normally very short so you can earn quickly, business surveys pay higher from 15 points upwards. You can refer a friend and get 25 points. Plus regular polls which earn 5 points. Once you reach 4000 points ($10) you can redeem for rewards like Amazon git cards, best buy gift cards, visa gift cards and many more. Read More…

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Join and start earning rewards with Tellwut


 Toluna is a fun community of people all over the world including the US. Points are earned for just signing up, plus you can get 500 points for each friend you refer. You will also earn 100 points for each profile survey you complete and of course you will earn points for each survey you complete. Most surveys at Toluna will earn you between 15 and 20,000 points. You also earn points every time you answer a sponsored poll, sponsored polls are only one question and earn 15 points. With Toluna you can sent virtual gifts through the gifties application where you can send a virtual gift to your friends (must be in same country as you) or buy one for yourself! Then click on the reveal button on the giftie and see if it become real! Read More…

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 Complete surveys at Toluna for rewards

Univox Community

 Univox Community is a paid online survey site where you can make a bit of money. When you first join Univox Community, you will need to fill in your profile, once you have filled in the profile survey you will earn 500 points = $5. You can than check what surveys are available to you, most surveys pay between 100 and 200 points and you will need to earn 2500 points before you can request a cash out, rewards with Univox Community are Amazon, Dwolla or you can choose a visa prepaid card. Read More…

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Complete surveys at Univox Community and earn great rewards

VIP Voice

 VIP Voice is a little different to other paid online survey sites as the points you earn through online surveys can only be used towards sweepstake’s and auctions. At VIP Voice as well as completing surveys you can play games at the website. Read More…

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Voice Your Opinions. Win Great Prizes at VIP Voice


 Once you join YouGov you will receive regular email invitations for new surveys. Every survey you complete at YouGov earns points that when accumulated can be redeemed for rewards such as movie tickets, gift cards, and other prizes. You will sometimes receive surveys that don’t have points but you will be entered into monthly prize draw where you could when great prizes. Join YouGov now and receive 2000 Points Welcome Bonus. Read More…

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Earn points & prizes when you Join YouGov

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