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Toluna Review

Toluna is a fun community of people all over the world including the US.

Points are earned for just signing up, plus you can get 500 points for each friend you refer.

You will also earn 100 points for each profile survey you complete and of course you will earn points for each survey you complete.

Most surveys at Toluna will earn you between 15 and 20,000 points.

You also earn points every time you answer a sponsored polls, sponsored polls are only one question and earn 15 points.

With Toluna you can sent virtual gifts through the gifties application where you can send a virtual gift to your friends (must be in same country as you) or buy one for yourself!

Then click on the reveal button on the giftie and see if it become real!

Toluna also offers product testing, just go to the product testing page and choose what product you would like to test, you are then put in a random draw with others, if selected.

If selected for a product test at Toluna you will receive the product in the mail and are expected to write your opinion about the product on the Toluna website once you have tested it.

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Earn great rewards, product test at home, complete surveys at Toluna

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