VIP Voice

Once you join VIP Voice you will be invited to complete surveys that will earn VIP Points. The number of points you earn depends on your current reward level, how many surveys you have completed, plus whether you qualify for the survey.

Points can be used as entries into sweepstakes in SweepLand or bids into auctions in BidLand, each point is worth one sweepstakes entry or one bid into an auction.

BidLand is a auction program at VIP Voice. In BidLand, bids can be placed into various auctions. The highest bidder at the end of the auction is the winner and will have their points deducted from their account. If you are not the highest bidder, any points entered into that auction will be placed back into your points available balance.

SweepLand and BidLand are tiered reward programs. So by taking more surveys, you will move up to higher levels and earn more points for each survey you complete and gain access to exclusive sweepstakes and auctions based on your current level.

It should be noted members who have not completed a survey in 6 months will have their points forfeited and account closed.

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