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Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is a good survey site where you can earn up to $10 for each survey, although most surveys pay around $2-$5.

Opinion Bureau also have a good referral program, where you can earn $US2.00 for each verified referral, for them to be verified they must complete a survey then you will be credit with $US2.00.

Surveys are mostly IT related so if you are involved in the IT industry its a good survey site to join.

Opinion Bureau are looking for people in Australia, Canada, UK and US, people from these countries will get the most survey opportunities.

Fast Facts

Reward Options: PayPal, Amazon, Flipkart

Minimum Cash Out: $10

Bonuses: $5 Joining Bonus

Join Opinion Bureau

Earn money sharing your opinion in Online Surveys at Opinion Bureau

6 comments on Opinion Bureau

  1. do not use this survey they are not paying my earnings have been processing since Aug 10th and they are not replying to any E-MAILS sent to them so BEWARE of using OPINION BUREAU surveys

    1. HI alex,
      I have been paid from them before, but they do take their time to pay. Hopefully you will be paid soon.

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