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Spider Metrix Review

Spider Metrix is a world wide survey site based in Australia, Spider Metrix welcomes members World Wide. For every survey you do at Spider Metrix you will earn Spider Metrix Points.

Normally you will earn between 6 and 18 points for each survey you complete at Spider Metrix.

All surveys at Spider Metrix from March 23rd 2015 will earn points. No more Prize Draw Surveys anymore!

You can also earn 1 points for answering a quick poll when quick polls are available.

You can also earn up to 15 points for completing your profile.

The other way to earn points at Spider Metrix is to refer your friends, for each survey your friend completes you will earn one spider metrix point.

Once you are logged into Spider Metrix make sure you check the  surveys coming soon page, which will show you the date and country and how many points you can earn for upcoming surveys. That way you have a better chance of completing a survey and you will be closer to earning a reward.

Once you have earned 300 points with Spider Metrix you can claim a $50 Amazon voucher or get $50 paid into your PayPal account. You can also make a donation once you have 12 points. 12 Points will give you a $1 donation to World Vision Australia and will help support the children Spider Metrix are sponsoring. Spider Metrix World Vision Supporter Number is 803614338 if you like to find out more.

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2 comments on Spider Metrix Review

  1. Hi. I’m David from India.

    I would like to join Spider Matrix but couldn’t able to register as the registration page automatically redirect back to default.
    Please send me a valid link for registration at my email.

    Thanking with regards,

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