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SurveySavvy Review

SurveySavvy is a Paid Online Survey Site open to members world wide, although unless you are in the US or Canada, don’t expect to receive many surveys from Survey Savvy.

For people who are not in the US or Canada you can make a good amount of people by referring people to Survey Savvy, its best to try and refer people who are living in Canada and the US, this will make you the most money because people in the US and Canada get the most surveys.

Surve Savvy have a 2 tier referal system which means you will earn income from surveys your direct referals do as well as income from 2 tier referrals. 2nd  tier referrals are people your direct referrals recruited.

Once you have earned $1 with SurveySavvy you can request a check to be sent to you, the check will be in $US currency, unfortunately SurveySavvy only pays in check, no other payment methods are currently available.

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