Ipsos i-Say Canada

Once you join Ipsos i-Say Canada you will be rewarded with points for completing surveys.

Also at Ipsos i-Say Canada every time you complete a survey you will be invited to play poll predictor which gives you chances in the prize draws.

 Once you have at least 1000 i-Say Points you can redeem them for things like Amazon.ca gift cards, Visa Prepaid cards, PayPal, ITunes and more.

To make even more money with Ipsos i-Say Canada they have a loyalty program which gives you bonus points depending on how many surveys you complete.

For example complete 5 surveys and you get 25 bonus loyalty points, 200 surveys will give you 600 bonus points!

 The more surveys you do the more loyalty points you earn! The loyalty program runs form January 1 – December 31 each year.

Fast Facts

Rewards Options: PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Charity Donations

Minimum Cash Out: 1000 Points = $10

Bonuses: Loyalty Program

Join Ipsos i-Say Canada

Cash in on your opinions with Ipsos i-Say Canada

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