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Once you join Opinion Bureau you may be invited to surveys on topics including finance, lifestyle, health, gadgets and technology.

Points earned from completing surveys can be converted into rewards such Amazon Gift Cards, Prepaid MasterCard and iTune gift cards.

You can also earn more money by referring your friends to Opinion Bureau.


Select your country below to join Opinion Bureau:

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Note: These are affiliate links and i may earn i small commission for you signing up

If your country is not listed or you would prefer not to support me through affiliate links you can visit Opinion Bureau here:


6 comments on Opinion Bureau

  1. do not use this survey they are not paying my earnings have been processing since Aug 10th and they are not replying to any E-MAILS sent to them so BEWARE of using OPINION BUREAU surveys

    1. HI alex,
      I have been paid from them before, but they do take their time to pay. Hopefully you will be paid soon.

  2. Do not be fooled by this new version they do not pay when you have completed their surveys, I have been waiting since August 2015 for a £10 PAYMENT WHICH THEY SAY IS STILL PROCESSING.

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