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Univox Community is available in many countries including  China, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain and the UK.

Once you have joined Univox Community you will be awarded a 200 points ($2) joining bonus. You can earn more points by completing surveys, referring your friends and participating in regular contests at Univox Community.

On average surveys pay between 50-100 points and normally take around 15 minutes to complete. Some surveys which you get screened out from may pay you a few points.

Univox Community has one of the best refer a friend programs, you will be rewarded 100 points once the person you referred completes their first survey and in future, whenever your referral will completes a survey you will earn 10 points.

Rewards at Univox Community include PayPal and gift cards. For your first reward you will need to earn 2500 points.

Select your country below to join Univox Community:

Join Univox Community China

Univox Community Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Uniivox Community Italy

Join Univox Community Japan

Univox Community Malaysia

Univox Community Netherlands

Univox Community Norway

Univox Community Singapore

Join Univox Community Spain

Univox Community UK
United Kingdom
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If your country is not listed or you would prefer not to support me through affiliate links you can visit Univox Community here:


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