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Indian Paid Survey Sites

Online Surveys are now very popular in India below is my list of Indian Online Survey Sites if you know of any more good Online Survey Sites for India leave a comment below.

Indian Paid Survey Sites

Xcel-Online Surveys

Once you join Xcel-Online Surveys you will start earning reward points for each survey you complete. The amount of points will vary depending on the topic and the content of the survey. These can vary from 5-200 points and can be even more in some special cases. Currently 1 reward point is equivalent to INR 1.

To redeem the points you have earned, you will need to go to redemption center section on your homepage. You can redeem a minimum of 325 points. No redemption’s can happen for lesser points.

You can also earn points for inviting friends. Just log on to your account and go to the ‘Invite Friends’ section, then follow the steps. For panelists who refer friend and their friend registers and take his/her first paid survey – they get reward points. For every referred member who joins the panel, the person referring will get 10 reward points each. Read More…

Join Xcel-Online Surveys

Make your voice count with Xcel-Online Surveys India


Screenwise Panel India

Download the Screenwise Panel app and you will be rewarded for just using your phone.

You Will be rewarded with Rs 300 for downloading the app then you will be rewarded with up to Rs. 200 per month just for keeping the app installed and active on your device.

The best part is, the rewards increase each month.

So, the longer you keep the app installed the more you’ll earn. Read More…

Download Screenwise App

Join the Screenwise Media Panel, download an app and earn rewards!

Univox Community India

 Univox Community is currently looking grow its survey panel in India.

Points are earned for each survey you successfully complete at Univox Community and if you are screened out you will receive 5 points.

Once you have earned 2500 points = $25 you can choose a reward.

Rewards for Univox Community are either Amazon Gift Card or a Visa Prepaid Card. Read More…

Join Univox Community India

Join Univox Community India

India Speaks

 India Speaks would be one of the largest paid online survey panel for India.

By Joining India Speaks you will be able to give your valuable opinion on many products and services for Indians.

As soon as you join us and fill in your complete personal profile page, you are instantly eligible for weekly sweepstakes.

You stand a chance to win either a weekly bumper prize of an ipod (or gift vouchers of upto Rs. 2500/-) or one of the 10 consolation prizes – Gift vouchers of Rs 200/-. Its important to fill in your profile at India Speaks so you will be send relevant surveys.

As soon as you successfully complete a survey, you will earn anywhere between 20 and 2000 reward points and / or also eligible for monthly sweepstakes. Read More…

Join India Speaks

Opinion World India

 When you join Opinion World India you will be emailed surveys where you will earn points to spend at the web shop and you also will be entered into the quarterly prize draw where one lucky winner will receive Rs 25,000!

Points earned from your surveys can be used to buy gift vouchers to many well known merchants like India Plaza and Read More…

Join Opinion World India

Valued Opinions India

 For each survey you complete at Valued Opinions India you will be rewarded typically between INR50 and INR100 and up to INR1000 for specialist surveys.

Once you have reached INR400 you will be able to redeem your reward in the form of a gift certificate for Read More…

 Join Valued Opinions India


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