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Survey Savvy Connect

Once you download the Survey Savvy Connect you earn up to $15 USD per month ($5 per device type) for US members, or up to £15 GBP per month (£5 per device type) for UK members.

To earn monthly incentives, members will need to be frequently using the devices with SavvyConnect installed. Data must be spread across at least 21 days in a calendar month with at least 7 days of actual usage data (per device) received. You also need to attempt SavvyConnect surveys displayed on the SavvyConnect Dashboard.

Select your country below to download Survey Savvy Connect

Survey Savvy Connect
United States
Note: These are affiliate links and i may earn i small commission for you signing up

If your country is not listed or you would prefer not to support me through affiliate links you can visit Survey Savvy Connect here:

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