Ipsos i-Say UK

When you join Ipsos i-Say UK you will be automatically entered into a prize draw for 30 prepaid shopping cards worth £90 each, there are thirty winners every 4 months.

Ipsos i-Say even has a VIP Prize draw for regular survey takes, just complete at least 5 surveys over a 4 month period and you will be a VIP. VIP members are entered into a quarterly prize draw where you may win one of four prepaid shopping cards worth £850 each.

As well as prize draws at Ipsos i-Say UK you will also earn points for completing surveys, on average expect around 4 surveys per month worth between 5 and 250 points each.

Ipsos i-Say even has a loyalty program where you will earn extra points depending on how many surveys you have completed.

Once you have 1380 points in your account you can redeem the points for things like electronic gift certificates, high street vouchers and charity donations.

Other ways to earn points at Ipsos i-Say UK is to refer friends, for each friend who becomes a member and participates in a survey you will receive 100 points.

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